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Perspective Projection

Perspective is the closest to real life 3D estimated rendering that we draw in Graphical Communication. We focus on one-point and two-point perspective methods, although we can also construct three-point or multi-point perspective drawings. In one-point perspective each line representing the depth of an object converges to a single point, and this can be anywhere along the paper. This point, that we call vanishing point, defines the distance of our viewpoint from the ground; hence the eye-level. We use one-point perspective drawings mostly for interior drawings like kitchens, bedrooms etc. On the other hand, two-point perspective drawings use two vanishing points, and the line that connects them form the eye level. In two-point perspective drawings we use a special method created by Mr M. Mallia. This educator from Malta found an easy to construct method and yet a very close estimate to reality. This method has been employed by many students and we wish that it will help you in your designs as well.

perspective projection exercise 1 perspective projection exercise 2 two-point perspective view two point perspective projection block perspective projection shape sloping perspective projection perspective projection of a house two-point perspective view sloping surfaces worksheet sloping block in two-point perspective machined block in two-point perspective