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Orthographic to pictorial projections

In the following exercises you will be required to convert orthographic views into a 3D pictorial drawing. This entails following the orthographic projection method backwards, and is obviously much harder to work out. There are some tricks, however, that may help you out in this process. The most popular trick is to draw a freehand sketch of the 3D drawing before attempting the solution using instruments. Another trick is to practice as much as possible because this area is another instance where practice makes perfect. Once you practice enough you should have developed your spatial skills enough to reason out any orthographic projections in 3D as second nature.

ortho to picto exercise 1 ortho to picto exercise 2 ortho to picto exercise 3 converting ortho to picto ortho to isometric ortho to planometric ortho to oblique ortho to pictorial projection orthographic views to 3D converting ortho to 3D building a solid from views ortho to pictorial including hidden lines ortho to picto including holes