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Dividing a square into 5 equal squares puzzle

Your grandma bought a square piece of chocolate. She needs to cut it into 5 equal pieces to give out to you and your 4 other cousins. As an expert in graphics, you need to come up with a geometric plan how to cut out the square chocolate. These are the rules:

  1. Each child should get a square piece of chocolate of the same area.
  2. No one is allowed to have more chocolate than the others.
  3. You can only use straight lines and the 8 red points shown below to divide the square.
  4. You can cut the square into more than 5 pieces and then join them together to form 5 equal squares.

breaking up a square into 5 small squares by construction

Try this challenge and think about it well. You might use the trial and error method to reach to your solution, and if you cut a model of the square it might be easier. You can check your solution against the wrong attempts on page 3 and the correct answer on page 4.

Download the starter sheet in PDF version (A4)